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My husband is petitioning for me. He is filling out form I-130 and form G-325A. For form G-325A, can I add other information?

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By other information, I mean educational background for the five years that I don't have anything to show for employment. I've actually never been employed and know that it's not required but I wonder if they would think I'm lying if I have nothing to show for what I been doing for the previous 5 years. I'm 24 and recently graduated with a BA in Psychology. Would it help to send copies of transcripts, diplomas, both, or none? Would any of this information even matter?

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It would suffice to include information that you have been attending school during the 5 year period. Assuming an interview for the petition or an application for permanent residency, you can certainly clarify for the immigration officer that you are or were a student. There is no requirement that you be employed as an applicant, only that you will not become a public charge, hence the requirement for the sponsor to complete an affidavit of support on your behalf.

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Talk to an immigration lawyer. Depending on your current location and legal status (if in the US) the I-130 and G-325 forms may not be the only thing to do. Educational and other 'good' things are not important in marriage cases. -- -- Senior Legal Counsel -- Capriotti International Law -- Legal disclaimer: This answer is offered for informational purposes only. It does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. Contact the American Immigration Lawyers Association for a referral to an experienced immigration attorney.

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You have a lot going on. Consult with an immigration attorney because you want this done right.

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Tell the truth on the forms. If you are not lying, you have nothing to worry about
COnsult a lawyer, they can answer your questions directly

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