My husband is on probation and has a no contact order as part of his probation. How do I get this dropped?

He has a domestic violence charge that I tried to drop but the state picked it up. I also asked them not to peruse a no contact order, but they did. He's on probation for 7 years and we have three kids together. I want this dropped ASAP. He's the only one that works, we share a car, and we aren't allowed any sort of contact. His probation officer came to my house with two cops yesterday trying to catch him here. This is ridiculous. Please help me!

Highland Village, TX -

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Kevin Rindler Madison

Kevin Rindler Madison

Sexual Harassment Attorney - Austin, TX

You can work with a lawyer-usually your husband's criminal defense lawyer- to petition the court and have that condition dropped as a condition of probation. You can also start by just asking his probation officer if they would agree to that and the P.O. can ask the judge to drop that condition.

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