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My husband is charged w/CDV /ABHAN because of our laws the state took the case over and i really don't have a say in it

Summerville, SC |

we have had our physical altercations before but no where near what he did to me this time the officer did take photo's which i know will not help out i am not sure if i want him out of the house so the judge gave him a $25000.00 P.R. bond and he came home with me i DO NOT WANT HIM TO GO TO JAIL especially with a felony charge i don't know where to go from here

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    Consult with a criminal defense attorney, do not put any more details on a public forum like this.

  2. He needs an attorney as soon as possible. Many circuits have a no drop policy, which is what I assume you mean by "the state took over the case". Also, I agree that you should not be putting this much detail into your question.

  3. I get this question alot and I have 2 pending cases right now for this very same thing. In South Carolina when a person is charged with a CDV, they are charged on behalf of the state, not the individual. This is why the charge reads The State of South Carolina vs "the defendant"- In this case it is important that you hire a lawyer. If you should have additional questions or need answers to have the CDV can affect you and what to do next, please call our office at or see the link to our website.

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