My husband has Z-E-R-O Money, but his father has over $100 million. Can I get any money from the father if my husband cant pay?

Asked over 1 year ago - Los Angeles, CA

I am a victim of domestic violence. My husband of 1.5 yrs has been arrested 4 times for DV on me He has broken my ribs TWICE (2nd time I was 6 wk pregs w/our 1st), he threw a box cutter at me resulting in 19 stitches & I broke my own wrist in self defense i had surgery 9 pins & a plate. Direct results of his behavior have caused me to be thrown out of every home here in L.A. my business is suffering, my bank account went from 70K down to MINUS 100 since the day we married. I have 100's of hours of recordings of him, saved text msgs, witnesses, police reports, etc. I want Justice! My husband has no money but his family (dad) is filthy rich. The dad changed his dads will that incld my husband 4 his young gold digging wife. He is huge narcissist & screwed up my husband big time. I blame him

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******!!!!!****** I spent about 10K on a high profile therapist who documented my husbands behaviors. They diagnosed my husband as having PTSD from his traumatic childhood. The therapist concluded that many of my husband's behaviors are directly related to the way his father treated him growing up. I have several other therapists and professionals who can concur, including a few who also treated my husband. My father-in-law has now cut my husband off completely because he dis-obeyed his command to leave me and never speak to me again. If you don't do what this man says you are "OUT". Due to this recent "cut off" my husband is worse than ever before. I had to change my locks and disable his cell phone. He is sleeping/living out of his car and basically stealing just to get by... all because his father told him to get rid of me and he refused, making him like a loose cannon.

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  1. Edna Carroll Straus

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    Answered . I am sorry, but you cannot recover from the father, no matter how low you are that is the fathers fault your husband is a bad person. If you had had a prenuptial agreement of some sort, it's possible you may have been provided for thinking ahead. As it stands you are simply in a bad place.

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  2. Reid A Seino

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    Answered . Not unless you can prove that your husband transferred assets to his father to avoid having them tied to a divorce proceeding or that you were somehow entitled to money that the father was giving to his son (and that would be hard to do, without more detail here.) You can try to speak with an attorney to see if there are other ways around your husband's situation but at the moment, hating your father in law is about as far as you can go.

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  3. Robert Andrew Michael Burns

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    Answered . First, I'd learn martial arts and the art of shooting guns should you ever have to encounter this perp again. Do not reconcile with this beast; that would look like gold digging at best. You cannot force the perp's father to re-inherit the perp; but, with you two separated for good the perp's father might return his largess upon the perp and you can sue the perp and get a judgment awaiting that day probably without much of a legal defense by the homeless perp. I hope that you proceeded criminally against the perp thus making your recourse easier on your civil claims. The perp's father may be being victimized by the golddigger and thus earning a complaint to, and/or visit by, Elder Abuse authorities.

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