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My husband has twins.he has 50/50 custody and placement.i dont think we should have to pay child support to his ex wife.

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What does wisconsin law say?

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    Wisconsin uses a shared placement formula for calculating child support In your case the formula would be (((husband gross monthly income X .25) X 1.7) X .5))). do the same calculation but substitute wife's GMI in place of husband's. Each figure represents the child support owed to the other party. Subtract the smaller amount from the larger and whatever amount is left gets paid to the other party. There could be some deviation from this amount after considering other factors like childcare costs, transportation costs, who covers medical insurance for the children, etc. See DCF 150 for further information or give me a call at 920-459-8490. Hope this helps.

    My answer does not automatically make me your attorney or create a former-client/current-client relationship with you. I encourage you to speak with an attorney before acting upon any of the statements I make. If you would like to speak with me further about your issue, please schedule a free initial consultation (in person or over the phone) by calling my office at (920) 459-8490, or by emailing me at You can also visit for more information.

  2. With 50-50 placement you have a good argument for ending child support. However, things are never simple in family law. You should consult with a local attorney and see what your options are. You could move the court to end or modify child support. You really have nothing to lose in doing so.

  3. There is a formula for calculating child support in Wisconsin that takes into account the placement schedule but also the incomes of both parties. It is very difficult to obtain a deviation from the guidelines support amount. Essentially, it is what it is. You should consult with an experienced family law attorney to run the numbers for you and give you an opinion as to what child support would be ordered by the court.

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