My husband has turned off my cell phone and I need it to keep in touch with my children. when I am on the road they have no

Asked almost 4 years ago - Port Jervis, NY

other way to reach me. I have 3 teenagers who drive, and an 11year old who does after school activities. Is he allowed to do this?

Attorney answers (2)

  1. Answered . You can always get a new cell phone in your own name.

  2. Answered . If there is no divorce pending, no court order preventing him from doing that, and he is on your cell phone contract, then yes, he can.

    Go get your own cell phone account without having his name on it. You want that anyway. He's looking at your bill to see who you are calling and texting and apparently is not happy with what he is seeing. You need the privacy of your own account.

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