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My husband has the 10 year bar for unlawfull presence ,if the proposes waiver is able to cum thru can my husband apply to that?

Del Rio, TX |

He has being in mexico for 8 years i still hve 2 more years to go so if tht law cum thru iam guessing he can apply for it ,i dont see why not..

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  1. Well, it depends. If he had 2 unlawful entries into the US, he was not eligible for the 10 waiver Before he actually stayed outside the US for the entire 10 years. Then he can apply for permission to re-enter after being deported. The proposed waiver does not change the law AT ALL, USCIS/DHS may not change the law. They can alter the procedures, process but not the law only Congress can do that. So, if he was not legible for the waiver within the 10 years, he would still have to wait 2 more years, and he cannot use the proposed often discussed but not yet implemented "new procedures" which have not bee issued. If he had been eligible for the waiver for the last 10 years, yet chose to stay in Mexico for the last 8 years (unlikely, you would want him here) then yes, he can even apply now or wait until the rules are implemented. good luck.

  2. if he's in Mexico he can apply for a waiver of the 10 year bar now if that's all that's keeping him out. You should contact an attorney about the facts of your situation.

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  3. I agree with my colleagues ... a waiver is possible now.

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  4. No, he won't be eligible to file under the provisional waiver program, but you can file a new I-601, even if a previous application was denied. Of course chances are that you'll need to start with a new I-130.

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  5. Why didn't you apply for the I-601 waiver before? He will not need any waiver if he waits the 10 years. But he might have qualified for one if you had tried.

    Dhenu Savla, Esq.
    SwagatUSA, LLC

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