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My husband has a suspended licence for 2nd dui. he has 1 year of probation he has been stop by the police with susp. licence

Largo, FL |

i would like to know what would happen would he have to got to jail or pay more fine and be on more time probation

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The "policy" in Pinellas county is to sentence people on a suspended license charge to minimum 10 days jail. An additional fine is not an option and the judge has no authority to extend the probation beyond the one year. Now, I say policy because it is not mandatory by law but if he just walks into court that is the minimum the state wants. I have often been able to convince the state and/or the judge to waive the jail. There may also be valid defenses to the charge. Furthermore, if he is convicted of this he is likely to lose his license for 5 years. You probably know what I'm going to say next and that is he needs to hire an attorney today. I'm located in Pinellas county, so feel free to give me a call and I'll see what we can do for your husband. My number is 727-528-1859 or you can visit my website below.

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Quite possibly he is looking at all three. While Largo is not in my judicial circuit, if the facts were as you alleged in my area, your husband would likely be looking at 30 days in jail for the suspended license offense. Also, his probation would be revoked and he would face the likelihood of increased fines and/or jail for the probation violation.

With that said, that would be an initial ofer from a prosecutor and a good lawyer could help him avoid such sanctions.

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sorry to say, but jail is highly likely.

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I agree with Mr. Epifanio. Pinellas County prosecutors are typically going to ask for 10 days in the County Jail; however, that is not a set and fast rule. You should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in the Pinellas County area to work through your husband's situation.

If you have any questions, feel free to visit my website below and/or contact my office. We are right across the street from the Pinellas County Criminal Justice Center and frequently handle these types of cases.

Good luck,

Aaron J. Slavin, Esq.

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