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My husband had a child at age 19. the child is now 19 years old. husband been in jail for support. when does obligation end.

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can they continue to make him and me pay this back child support? if child is grown and having been to jail on this matter. They have taken money from my account and are holding my taxes for this. I want to know what right they have to take money that could be supporting a 12,12,and13 year olds. for a child that is 19, droped out of school and in trouble with the law. please explain how we can help ourselves fix this 19 almost 20 year old problem.

It started in Indiana, and has now been taken over by Texas. They have just informed me that they are taking 1100.00 of My taxes, he didn't work last year due to the fact he cut two fingers off. he also payed child support for 10 years without any visitation or communication with said child, due to no address or phone number. That's when he quit paying the state of Indiana. The state would not help him with his parental rights to receive his visitation. If keeping his son from him is also a violation of the court, why would they not help him? Also, If the sum for support from birth to 18 totaled 36,000 and we have payed aprox. 12,000 why is the remainder owed still 36,000? Due to 2 years incarceration and one year parole shouldn't the debt be paid?

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Your question can not be responded to without knowing what state you reside in.

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