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My husband filed for divorce, if i dont go to court and dont show up, what wil happen?

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my husband filed for divorce, if i dont go to court and dont show up, what wil happen?

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Then he can do whatever he wants in the Final Decree of Divorce & you will have no say. For example, he can get 100% of the property and you can get 100% of the debt. Therefore, I would encourage you to hire an attorney to assist you in this process. Even though you don't want the divorce it would be wise to be involved in the process. Also, you should seek counseling to assist you with the emotions that you are experiencing.

Divorce is the death of your marriage. The end of your hopes and dreams. The divorce court is not the place to deal with emotions. It is the place to deal with the ending the "business dealings" of your marriage. The judge handles untangling the assets & debts. It is not the judge's role to handle the emotional issues.

I offer divorce coaching for $3 per minute or $180/hour. I no longer litigate. The people that have used me have found it quite worthwhile. You might consider it. You control our session(s).

Good luck!

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You always should show up to court to prevent a default judgment. If you want an order entered without your input, then this is the way it will occur.

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Nothing good will happen if you do not show up to court. He may get a default divorce, and this will not be in your best interest. There are a number of places to get advice, I would suggest you start seeking some as opposed to not showing up.

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