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My husband filed for divorce, How do i respond when he is controling all finances ?

Killeen, TX |

husband stopped paying for my medication, will not furnish food in the house,. we have been married 15 years and i have been homemaker. no financial support at all. what should i do

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  1. You're going to need to find an attorney to represent you--if he's doing that, this is NOT going to be a nice, easy divorce. He's going to e able to get a divorce no matter what you do or whether you want it, by the way, so please don't think that by just not participating, you can stop it. Texas law doesn't work that way. Your attorney can ask the court to put in place temporary orders making your husbamd's continue to support your basic needs whether he's in the mood to do that or not, and also to protect the community assets, pay the bills while the divorce is pending, control who stays in the house and has access to vehicles, stop him from harassing you and destroying potential evidence or property, set out custody and support if there are minor kids, etc. Given the length of your marriage and that you're unemployed, you'll probably be eligible for spousal maintenance payments even after the divorce (Texas's version of alimony). And your attorney will probably even be able to get him ordered to pay your attorney fees, since you're unable to do that. So please, please, please--start calling around tomorrow morning and find an attorney who can help you with this.

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