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My husband developed peritonitis and septic shock after surgery. Can we sue for damages to my husband's body and mind.

Lowell, MA |

My husband is not himself since having had to be placed on a ventilator in ICU for 9 days. Then he still had a hospital stay of 16 days. He has lost significant weight and is severely depressed. We did sign a form that stated he could have an infection, but this is more than that.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. I am not licensed in MA and can offer only general advice. The short answer is that whether you have a viable claim depends on the type of surgery your husband was having, whether the care was below standard or whether the result was a known risk of the surgery. It sounds like you have reviewed the consent form, but more facts are needed to determine whether you can obtain an expert to support your claim.

    Betsey Herd
    Tampa, Florida

  2. You should consult with an attorney and have the attorney request your husband's medical records and then have an expert to review them to determine whether the doctor's performance fell below the standard of care.

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