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My husband cut a bit of his index finger at work he works for a BIG COMPANY and they are not really helping.

Atlanta, GA |

We are not looking for money or workers comp we just want to make sure in the future his finger will be ok and that it doesn't need stitches or anything but the company just had him look at the nurse and told him he will be ok but my mom is a nurse and said that the cut IS DEEP. What should we do?

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  1. If it is an emergency, he can go to the emergency room or a clinic for evaluation. Other than that, the employer will have a list of company doctors (his supervisor should be able to show him where it is). He can pick any of those doctors to go see for his injury and have the employer pay for it.

  2. First of all, workers' comp does include the medical benefits which you are seeking. I would ask to see a company doctor, which is one step of medical care over the nurse. Workers' compensation will provide the medical care for free. Another choice would be to go back to the nurse if he continues to have problems and get her to refer him to a company doctor.
    Any work restrictions will come from the doctor. Good luck.

    Tom Holder

  3. A cut finger. His company should be able to direct him to a local physician who can treat the cut. Should not be a big deal for them to arrange this right away.

  4. When you are injured on the job, you are entitled to medical treatment paid for by your employer and their workers' compensation insurance company. Every employer subject to the Georgia Workers' Compensation Act (3 or more employees) is required to maintain a posted panel of at least six physicians or professional associations or corporations of physicians who are reasonably accessible to the employees. The injured worker should be permitted to choose a doctor from this panel.

    Since your husband works for a BIG COMPANY, I would expect that they are well aware of his rights under workers' compensation. I suggest that he go to the human resource/personnel department or to whomever handles work injury issues, and request to be sent to a panel physician. If the employer refuses to provide him with a doctor, your next step should be to consult a workers' compensation attorney. As long as his finger injury does not prevent him from performing his regular job, and the employer is not acting like they are looking to fire him, he may not need an attorney. However, if that is not the case, I would recommend that you call a lawyer. My firm offers free consultations on workers' compensation cases. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

  5. You can not do anything. Your husband need to file a claim for workers compensation and seek medical attention.

    Darrell B. Reynolds,
    Attorney and Counselor at Law
    2385 Lawrenceville Highway, Ste D
    Decatur, Ga. 30033

  6. His company is required to provide medical treatment; ask for a list of doctors from his employer. If they do not abide, consult an attorney who will pursue his rights.

  7. His employer has list of doctors. Contact a local WC lawyer to discuss in detail

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