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My husband and i were both on parole he maxed out after that he caught a harrasment charge and the one he harassed called the po

Selinsgrove, PA |

and fed her a bunch of false claims. she gave him 24 hours to get out of the house and swears i told her he was selling spice to the girl next door. now this po has had it out for both me and him and gave me orders not to have contact. we have been married 22 years. when she questioned me regarding this spice deal she got me so disgusted i tell her as i always do whatever there is no arguing with you which there isnt. this is not the first time her claims were false she has had her area changed a couple of times for this reason. i contacted Harrisburg the main office in pa. boy was that the wrong move now she is out for blood. how can i get this no contact lifted. her basis is on my green sheet is no contact with known drug dealers. he isnt now maybe 15 years ago but did his time.

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Very obvious to me that you need legal representation to assist you in this matter. It clear that your own direct efforts have not been successful, and the current effort to figure it out utilizing the Internet is going to prove equally unhelpful. A detailed private and confidential consultation with qualified local criminal defense counsel is the only thing that will lead to a better outcome.


Mr. Jones is correct. You need to retain a criminal defense attorney to be your advocate to deal with the PO and the courts. Good luck.


The solution to your problem begins with the premise that defendants under supervision have no right to pick and choose their parole officers. To address the prohibition against contact with your husband, I suggest that you reach out to the attorney who represented you in the underlying conviction. He or she is most familiar with your unique situation.

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