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My husband and I own Business together together we started. He Set up another bank account, hijacking big profits coming.

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He incorporated business, put himself as director, added me approx 6 months later, 7 years ago .No shareholder agreement. He is full time , I am part time in business. We have designated bank where we do our business, both signatories are on the account. Unannounced to me I find out that he set up another business account at another bank, only signatory ,has been doing transactions (deposits and check writing for the past 6 months for large amounts and putting small amounts into our regular business account.
I find out also we have big contracts for $300k in profit coming 2 weeks, he intends to deposit in account that I don't have access, intends to serve me with divorce papers this week.
What are my options?
Can I get an injunction?
Can I get a lawyer to take case on contingency

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  1. This sounds like a complicated matter. However, in short, yes, you should be able to obtain an injunction to prevent further dissipation of the money in the account. A lawyer cannot take this case on a contingency, as that is prohibited by the Rules of Professional Conduct. The bottom line, you should speak with an attorney.

  2. It's unlikely that an attorney will take the case on a contingent fee: divorce litigation can not be done that way in most states. You should discuss the matter immediately with a local attorney.

    Under the rules governing the conduct of attorneys in New York it may be necessary to remind you that this answer could be considered attorney advertising.

  3. Counsel had given you good advice and I endorse it.

    Attorney Williams practices FAMILY LAW throughout the State of California and may be reached at (831) 233-3558 and offers free consultations. The response provided in this forum is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. The information offered in this response is for general informational purposes only and should not be relied upon without further consultation with a legal professional after all relevant facts are disclosed and considered. DANIEL S. WILLIAMS, ESQ. LAW OFFICES OF DANIEL S. WILLIAMS 500 LIGHTHOUSE AVENUE, STE. A MONTEREY, CA 93940 (831) 233-3558 -- OFFICE (831) 233-3560 -- FAX

  4. You could possibly get an injunction depending on how strong the facts are in supporting an assertion that he is intentionally trying to divert or hide the money. That could be part of an action for dissoultion of marriage. It sounds like this business would be considered a marital assst and therefore subject to distribution between the parties, presumly in equal protions. No, a contgency fee is not permtted in divorce matters. It sounds like you shoulkd consult with an attorney ASAP. If served with divorce papers, you will be going to court anyway.

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