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My husband and i are filing an uncontested divorce in multnomah county...

Portland, OR |
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once we file the sign and notarized documents in the court - including the 90-day waiver documents, how long does it usually take a judge to sign off? yes, there are children and we've mutually agreed to the terms of custody - nothing is being contested.

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Until recently, you could walk an uncontested, agreed-upon divorce through the Multnomah County court system in just one day and expect the that the judge would sign the divorce judgment. Some months ago internal court rules changed to say that a judge is not supposed to sign a divorce judgment until it has been reviewed by a central clearing house in the court clerk's work area on the second floor. The idea is that the clerk checks the proposed judgment against a lengthy standardized list of criteria to make sure that the judgment contains all the required legal provisions (there are many). Once the clerk is satisfied that the document is in proper form, it is taken back to one of the court's family law judges for signing. The amount of time the review process takes varies depending on how busy the clerk's office is but it is usually no more than 10 days.

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