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My husband abandoned me in South Korea, what can I do?

Anacortes, WA |

I'm married to a soldier in the army and his first duty station was camp Casey south Korea. He flew me out here to be with him during his two year tour. During this time he physically abused me and cheated on me with prostitutes. I told him I wanted a divorce while we were in Korea and he moved into the barracks. He then told me he refused to pay for a flight home for me and refused to take any of my belongings or the furniture he agreed on my keeping back with him in his house hold goods shipment. My passport is also missing and I suspect he took it. I have contacted his new commander about getting home and he is very rude to me and tells me there is nothing the army can do. I barely have enough for my half of rent and am about to get evicted in a couple weeks and I will then be homeless.

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  1. If you are a US Citizen, then this is not an immigration question. Contact the US Embassy in Seoul and they will give you a new passport & loan you money to get home:

    FORMER IMMIGRATION LAW PROFESSOR -- LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This answer is offered for informational purposes only. It does not constitute an attorney-client relationship.

  2. If you are a United States Citizen contact the embassy immediately.

    FREE CONSULTATION ON IMMIGRATION AND DEPORTATION MATTERS Contact: Law Offices of KiKi M. Mosley 208 S. LaSalle St. Suite 1400 Chicago, Illinois 60604 773-501-2039 The statement above is general in nature and does not constitute legal advice, as not all the facts are known. You should retain an attorney to review all the facts specific to your case in order to receive advise specific to your case. The statement above does not create an attorney/client relationship. Answers on Avvo can only be general ones, as specific answers would require knowledge of all the facts. As such, they may or may not apply to the question.

  3. Agree with my colleagues.

  4. My gut tells me you did not speak with your husband’s Commanding Officer.
    If you are legally married and legally command sponsored in Korea you are definitely under the cognizance of your husband's command and he is definitely required to provide you financial support and he can definitely be forced to do so by the Command and he faces severe consequences if he fails to do so.

    Recommend you immediately contact all of the following—via email, phone or face-to-face:
    1. Your husband’s Command Sergeant Major
    2. Your husband’s Commanding Officer (not his supervisor who can easily be a buddy)
    If you don’t know how to reach those individuals, contact:
    1. US Forces Korea (USFK) Judge Advocate General (JAG) at DSN: 738-6841
    Explain your situation and they can tell you what your options are, where to go for aid, and how to handle your situation regarding returning to the US.

    READ THIS BEFORE CALLING OR EMAILING ME: I am licensed to practice before the state and federal courts in Virginia. Addressing your issue does not create an attorney-client relationship and I AM providing you educational information NOT legal advice. You should speak with an attorney to whom you have provided all the facts, before you take steps that may impact your legal rights. I am not obligated to answer subsequent emails or phone calls unless you have hired me. I wish you the best of luck with your situation.

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