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My husband (Separated & soon to divorce) has a finance that went delinquent on a vehicle that he no longer has.

Frankfort, KY |

Am I held accountable for it if he does not pay it? Am I accountable for any of it since I had no decision in the financing in the first place? The financing place is trying to garnish my wages and I was just wondering how I can prevent this situation if possible. Thank You.

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Your divorce does not impact any obligation that you have to the creditor who is owed the money. If you signed a promissory note obligating you to pay the debt on the vehicle, it really makes no difference to the creditor whether you or your husband has the truck. When you say that the finance company is trying to garnish your wages, do you mean they already have a judgment against you for the debt and are now using garnishment proceedings to collect or do you mean that they are suing you or do you mean they are threatening to sue you?

    You should at least consult with an attorney for advice on how to handle this situation.