My HOA sent me an invoice for a repair to a common area that is the HOA's responsibility to repair. Can they place a lein?

The repair was to a common area pipe that serviced more than one unit. Under the CC&R, all common area repairs are the HOA's responsibility. The other unit owner arranged for a plumber, who I didn't trust and tried to replace. The plumber then made the repairs without receiveing writen authorization, or even giving me a written estimate. When I refused to pay the plumber for unauthorized work, the HOA then paid the plumber and sent me an invoice for the entire bill. I told the HOA I wouldn't pay the invoice, as I did not authorize the work and the repair was to a common area. How do I get the HOA to not place a lein, or remove the lein once placed? Many thanks

Alexandria, VA -

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Mitchell Paul Goldstein

Mitchell Paul Goldstein

Bankruptcy Attorney - Glen Allen, VA

You have to read the CC&Rs. Only after reading them can someone assess the situation.

Virginia law does allow liens for assessments and special assessments and fines and fees depending.

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