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My HOA has violated my Constitutional rights, defaced my character, discriminated against us, and slanders my name publicly!

San Antonio, TX |

My story is way too long for the permitted characters on this board. I am in search of someone who will help me file suit against my HOA for the above reasons. I have witnesses and I have just had it with them! They love to control and they are out of bounds! If anyone is familiar with filing suit against HOA's in SA, please contact me so I can come in for a consultation. Thank you!

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    Your HOA isn't bound by the Constitution — the Constitution only restricts the government. When private actors do it, it's just being a jerk.

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  3. Recommend you contact your state bar association and ask for their lawyer referral service or use the Avvo 'find a lawyer' option.

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  4. Sounds like multiple causes of action and not just constitutional. You need to sit down and map these issue out with an experienced attorney. Good luck.

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