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My grandparents wont let me be with/see/contact/be near my birth mother.

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My mother had me at a very naïve and insecure age. She didn't know what she was doing but I turned out perfectly normal. She just dropped me off with my grandparents to take care of because she didn't know how. Her mother-my grandmother-couldn't take care of her when she was small so she has no parenting skills but she learned it over time. She used to be a very bad person...doing drugs and drinking but shes moved on from that! My mother is a very hard, kind, busy, fun mother whom I-with all my willpower-want to stay with now... The problem is, my grandmother doesn't let me contact or be with her simply because she doesn't answer her calls for many reasons that I understand, doesn't go to her work place because she already has another job, and basically lives alone. Help?????

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  1. Not much you can do as a minor. Perhaps you can go through some clergy or a counselor to help heal the relationship between your mother and her parents.

  2. A agree with the other attorney - as I always do - :)

    There is a wonderful booklet "Now You are 18" that explains everything that you can do the moment you turn 18.

    I think you can still find it at

    If possible, go to your school and reach out to your school counselor to get some help to cope with what you are going through at home now.

    I can assure, from personal experience, that your life it will get better! Hang in there!

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