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My grandmother died today (overseas) and I need to appear at a hearing in the morning...can I postpone the hearing...

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What happened is that postponed a hearing to hire a lawyer for my southern California hearing where I had to travel all the way up from northern California . so i got my lawyer , spent all that money on him and on my travel to southern California , spent the whole day at the hearing just to have the judge transfer the case to my local city for the jurisdiction ! ! ! ! The reason he did that is because I had one T . R . O . against my ex my city tomorrow and he had one on me far away for which I traveled there . So now that we are both having the case finally heard tomorrow , I was wondering if I can request for a continuance for both cases . . . for the first time my T . R . O . against him as a plaintiff and the second continuance for his own hearing where I requested over the phone to arrange my earlier

trip to the court. My grandma died overseas and my dad, as a witness, will not be able to be present at the hearing even though he wrote a declaration as a witness and it's filed already. He will leave tomorrow early morning to fly to Europe and I am so feeling psychologically down that even though I do feel confident in this hearing, my energy is so low and I am feeling so down that I do not know if tomorrow morning I could get myself together as needed for the hearing. Not sure if the judge would care about my situation...i booked the flight for my dad so even though my grandma just died so there are no certificates and it's overseas, i can show the judge the booked flight of my dad from today.....and my dad could bring the death certificate with him in 2 weeks after he gets it there.

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    I think I got the gist of it. Two mirror cases filed by you and your ex against each other are finally scheduled to be heard tomorrow. Your Dad is flying overseas do to the sudden death of your grandmother (his mother I presume) and was supposed to be an important witness for your side of the case(s). If you have counsel make these circumstances known to him/her and they will seek a postponement. If you are not represented you will have to make the request yourself. Don't be late and be humble in your request. It may or may not be granted. If denied the only thing you can do is your best under the circumstances. Good luck.

  2. I have no idea what you just said.

  3. Hopefully you have a criminal defense attorney who can help you here.My advice, go to the hearing.

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  4. You are asking too many questions and your sentence is a run on sentence. Next time please ask one question at a time, so we know what you are talking about. Also, it appears that you are not happy with theater that you have and you talk to. Now you want other lawyers whom you have never met guide you.

  5. If you hired a lawyer, have them deal with this so you can deal with the funeral arrangements.

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