My grandmother died in march of 2013 overland , st. louis , mo. how can i find out if she left me something?

Asked 11 months ago - Houston, TX

how can i get information if i was listed as a beneficiary? i know my father who doesn't speak to me had power of attorney for her (he was taking care of her before she died, and very abusive to her) * he has some mental issues. (i even reported him for elderly abuse things were so bad, i know from my grandmother who told me)
now i have no way of knowing. he refused to let anyone be around her in her last months alive . now he has the house, and everything as far as i know that she had. (i know she did tell me he was gonna be left the house) but i am wishing to know if any personal belongings or anything else she might have left me. i loved her a lot, and it would mean a lot anything she might have left me.

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  1. Orsen E. Paxton III


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    Answered . You should re-post your question using St. Louis as the city instead of Houston. Probate and inheritance laws vary greatly from state to state.

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  2. Steven John Clausen


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    Answered . You may want to contact the probate division of the Circuit Court in St. Louis and ask if a probate has been opened.

  3. Joseph Franklin Pippen Jr.


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    Answered . Sorry for your loss.
    Her will must be filed at the county courthouse.
    You can check the public records.
    If it has not been filed-hire an attorney to send a demand letter that the will be filed.
    Once filed-you can tell if you were left anything.

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