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My girlfriend is thinking about running away and I want to help her, what should I do?

Orange, CA |

She is having a rough time at home and has been abused and threatened to be hurt by her parents, I just want to help her out as much as I can. She also is scared of reporting this and doesn't want me saying anything either. Please answer as soon as possible so that I can help my girlfriend.

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  1. Make an anonymous call to Child Protective Services.

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  2. IF you have personally observed the abuse [not just her being told shae cannot participate in some ctivity], you can and probably should report it. You can do so through the local police hot tip type phone number. If You have seen it, you can also report it to a school counselor.
    DO NOT help her run unless it is to take her to the cops to make a report or to a shelter.
    As her friend, you need to make her understand that running and being on the street, which is where she will probably end up, is very unsafe and her existence can be much more dangerous than reporting her parent.

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