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My Girlfriend is 2 months pregnant, will she spend to much time in jail for Criminal Impersonation, or can she get house arrest

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Criminal Impersonation Class 4 Felony. can it be dropped to a Misdemeanor ? she impersonated her sister when she got pulled over. and she is 2 in half months pregnant now. i don't want her to sit in jail while pregnant. can she be on house arrest or even probation for that?

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Short, simple answer: yes, it is possible. However, what chances she has to have her charge reduced to a misdemeanor, change her bond, and/or obtain a probation sentence depend on the facts of her case and her criminal history. In any event, she should be discussing her case with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can assist her with obtaining a positive outcome in her case.



what if she missed her court date and she had a warrant out for her arrest, will she have to fight that off also ? she lost her bond. so now is $25000 cash, can it be dropped again?

Christopher Paul Bellmore

Christopher Paul Bellmore


Yes, even under those circumstances she can request that the judge review her bond. However, missing court is a very negative factor when a court decides whether a bond should be reduced.


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As Mr Bellmore stated, it is possible to get house arrest, but only if she avoids a felony conviction. Probation is another sentencing option. Lots of rural counties do no have house arrest options, so your best bet it to hire a criminal defense lawyer for your girlfriend.

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