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My friends charges in jail i cant understand what they mean. can you please help ?

Saint Michael, MN |

these were his charges : CSC 4-UNK ACT-UNK ASSAIL-UNK AGE-M

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The charges are 4th Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct, Violation of a DANCO (Domestic Abuse No Contact Order), and gross misdemeanor Violation of an Order for Protection. The domestic abuse no contact order is issued by a judge in criminal court, while the order for protection was issued by a judge in civil court. In most respects, they are the same thing which basically tell your friend he cannot have contact with a particular person. The State is now alleging your friend did have contact with the person, thus violating the two standing orders telling your friend to stay away.

By far the most serious charge here is the 4th Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct. A few different types of conduct can land a person with a 4th Degree CSC charge. See the link below for more information. My recommendation is to help your friend get a lawyer right away, whether that's a private attorney or a public defender. Good luck!



well the thing is , is he has been to jail already but he had 4 warrants out. like i feel like some of those charges are from way earlier && he did jail time already but he was arrested because of warrents and probation violations.



by the way thanks so much for answering.


It appears that the charges are Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Fourth Degree a Felony, Violating an Order for Protection Gross Misdemeanor, Disturbing the Peace likely a misdemeanor, and Violating a Domestic Abuse No Contact Order likely a Misdemeanor. Call me for details please, Bob Adams, 763-682-0259.


Criminal Sexual Conduct - 4th degree (a serious felony sex crime, requires predatory offender registration is convicted of any charge); Violation of a Domestic Abuse No Contact Order; Violatoin of an Order for Protection. He needs a lawyer, as well as bail. Don't discuss the case with him while in jail since these conversations are recorded and given to the prosecutor.

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