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My friend was under house arrest for an assault she escaped 3 years ago and now in jail how much time can she get in jail?

Burlington, VT |

while she was on the run she worked and maintained close friendships and got engaged will the judge grant any leniancy to her sentence because she stayed out of trouble while on the run?

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To answer the first question, the amount of time she will get really depends on several factors. What is her entire criminal history, what does the prosecutor feel about the case (what is his/her plea offer), also the judge's feeling and outlook on the case since he/she is the one who will be sentencing her. The second question, I highly doubt the judge will grant any leniency to her because she stayed out of trouble while she was a fugitive.

My best advice is to contact a local defense attorney. There may be other mitigating factors available to argue a lessor sentence and an attorney at her side is the one to make these arguments. I wish both you and your friend the best of luck.

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