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My friend was divorced for a number of years. She has worked and purchased her home, 2 vehicles and everything in her home. She

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married a (man) who had NO job, No car, NO home. He lied, decieved and had an affair. Now he drives her car and won't bring it back and the authorities say it's communial property. But yet He can get the police to go with him to the house to get his personal belongings. How is this right? What is she allowed to do? She tried to get the vehicle and he threatened her. What can she do?

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    If the car is titled in her name, she can go get it or hire a repo man to get it for her.

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  2. Virginia is a separate property state. Virginia is also a title property state. If her name is on the title, it is her property. If the police won't help (and they won't if they consider this a civil matter), then follow my colleague's advice.

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