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My friend received a DUI in GA. in 1993.

Naugatuck, WV |

After he made bail, his license was returned and he eventually returned to WV where he has renewed his license 4 times over 20 yrs. Now, GA is blocking his renewal until he takes a DUI class. He is disabled, his wife is disabled and she and her mother depend upon him, placing a hardship on the family should he lose his license. The class would put him way over his renewal date. Is he still bound by this, even though he says he paid cash for his DUI and has no receipt? And why is this coming up now?

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    What appears to have happened is that GA issued a suspension to drive within the borders of their state due to the 1993 arrest/conviction for DUI in the state of Georgia. In order to be reinstated to drive in that state, you must take and successfully complete an alcohol education course (a.k.a. the license classes). Most states honor courses in other states; but, you would have to check this out with the DMV headquarters in GA which should be Atlanta. As to how WV renewed you 4 times without catching is mystery. For if you remain suspended in another state for DUI, the home state will not renew you until you successfully get reinstated in the state you got your dui in and they in turn release you. Bottom Line: You should be able to do these classes in WV and get certificate of completion to GA, along with a $____ reinstatement fee, which in turn will collectively then call for GA to release you as lawful to drive within their state and in turn WV to issue you a renewed license. Best of luck. Sincerely, Harley O. Wagner, Esq. - --- ps: All of which your GA attorney should have properly counseled and quided you through 20 years ago....

  2. I can't say why this is coming up now, but since it's an issue your friend will obviously have to address it. I recommend that he contact an attorney in GA (many lawyers offer free initial consultations) who can help him with his DMV issue. It may be possible for him to take a class in WV to satisy the GA requirement. However, this question is best directed toward a GA lawyer since that is where the problem arose.

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