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My friend just received her 3 DUI (the other 2 DUI's were about 10 years ago). Do you think she will receive any jail time??

Chester, MD |

Should she obtain an attorney?

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Jail time is an extremely likely possibility for a third offense. Naturally, there are a number of factors which bear on that result however, not the least of which is the nature and facts of her case. Other factors are the jurisdiction where it happened and the facts of her case.

Does she need a lawyer? Without question she needs a lawyer that practices in this area, as soon as possible.

Bruce Robinson

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In most states, a conviction for a third DUI will result in a sentence of imprisonment and a substantial period of license suspension. Therefore, it is imperative that an attorney be consulted, who would be able to determine which defenses exist for your friend. Because defending DUI cases require skill, experience, and training, I suggest your friend contact an attorney who solely practices DUI defense or, at the very least, makes it a focus of practice.

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Yes she needs an experienced DUI lawyer. She should retain him immediatley. The two prior DUI's will be used in aggravation of what ever sentence she might receive. She will probably get some time in jail. She needs an aggresive DUI attorney that can prepare a strong defense for her.

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