My friend is facing charges for refusal of a breathalyzer .They pulled him over for having something hanging in the rear view .

The police said it smelled like alcohol in the car .They asked him if he had any health issues.He said yes one month before he had spinal fusion in his lower back which he is still recovering from.He said he won't be able to walk consistently and since he wouldn't tried they manhandled him to the station after he mentioned he needed his walker or cane.They forced him into the precinct and he was so upset he asked for a lawyer.He was in so much pain.He never refused they said he did.He is facing probation and an additional suspension .Which DMV separately suspended him as well.He isnt sure if he should go to trial

Hartford, CT -

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John Paul Thygerson

John Paul Thygerson

DUI / DWI Attorney - Norwalk, CT

The one thing he absolutely should do is to consult with an experienced dwi attorney to go over the evidence, or lack of, and his options. Whether or not to go to trial is a decision to be made with the assistance of counsel. If he is thinking of representing himself, that's a bad, bad idea.

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