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My friend is awaiting extradition but the court website says under disposition codes that its been dismissed what does this mean

Sacramento, CA |

my friend was picked up on DUI in california and has an outstanding warrant (feloby) in Georgia. the court website says not eligible for bail, extradition hold. another website for the same case says under Disposition Codes:Dismissed. does that mean Georgia is not coming to get her?

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  1. It sounds like you're referring to the California website which seems to be indicating that the CA DUI has been dismissed.

  2. It could mean two things, either the county your friend is in has decided not to prosecute for the DUI, this is entirely possible because they know that she has a felony case in another state.

    Or it could mean that the state of Georgia is not going to pick her up. I would say that this is more likely because most states have policies that they will not pay to transport a person from a state that is not connected to their state unless the crime is very serious like murder or a similar charge.

    I always caution people that the public web sites that have inmate information are frequently wrong and generally are unreliable.

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