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My friend has a cultivators liecense here in california, can you please tell me if it would be legal for him to sell marijuana

Antioch, CA |

At a house party that is made into a Medical Marujuana party so only people who have cannibus cards can come inside. and also if we have security and everything to insure noone illegal steps inside. Could my friend sell his marujuana there?? just a question i had. wanted to be safe

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First there is not such thing as a cultivators license. Well, I take that back, the FDA issued some licenses last year to the most powerful and rich pharmaceutical companies to grow marijuana. But that is for a different forum.

Anyway. Interesting that you ask a question about a friend and then you say "...if WE have security..." Okay - I think your spirit is great, but this scenario is not going to protect you federally or within California.

I have lots of experience with medical marijuana and I say to you “Danger, Will Robinson!” (google this phrase if you are not familiar young man)

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You don't contact Avvo for legal advice, just for information. This is to inform you that marijuana is still a controlled substance. Even if it is legal under state law for medical use and the state and local law enforcement look the other way (and I am not advising you that they will) the Feds can bust you. A big pot party for medical marijuana users doesn't seem like medical use to me, by the way.

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Quite frankly, don't walk away from this one, run. To walk a fine line, you need to stay within the rigid rules established in local ordinances. It is just not a desirable spot to be in. If you comply with state and local requirements, it is most difficult and they seem to be constantly busting these operations. Nevertheless, you are always at risk of the Feds taking an interest in your operation. If the Feds get interested, there will be no applicable exception to the rule.

I hope this is helpful.

John N. Kitta

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