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My friend got into an accident after hang out with me... am i at fault too?

Huntington Beach, CA |

me and my friend hang out and he drop his car off my house and i drove him but when i drop him off at my house he used his car to go home and get into an accident... i know its sound stupid but am i at fault in anyway? when we hung out we didnt drink or anything

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  1. no, you have absolutely nothing to worry about and cannot be held to any fault under the facts you presented so don't worry.

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  2. You are only responsible for your own negligence, not your friend’s.

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  3. No. If you were not driving, and not in the car, and don't own the car, you are likely not at fault for anything.

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  4. Not likely. But you do live in California, and the craziest stuff comes out of that state.

    licensed attorney in Montana. Your specific state laws may be different.

  5. You have nothing to worry about, you are not at fault. Tell your friend to be careful in the future, especially when driving on the road late at night or in unfamiliar areas.

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  6. not likely based on the facts here.

  7. Only people who are negligent (who have breached a duty owed to the injured party) are responsible for the damages caused. If you did not breach a duty to this person, you are not responsible.

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  8. Not unless you did something to cause the accident, i.e. negligently adjust his brakes or coat his windshield with pig grease so he couldn't see. Did you upset him before he left? Even if you did, you are not at fault!

    I hope he is okay, but based on the limited information provided, you have not done anything that would cause you to legally responsible for his accident.

  9. No.

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  10. Many attorneys are saying no and you have nothing to worry about. From a legal standpoint, I tend to agree. From a realistic standpoint, there is at least 10 attorneys within 50 miles of you that will take the case and apply pressure. If that happens, send these suit to your insurance company immediately.

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