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My friend and I just got citations for "consumption of alcohol at the age of 19" Should we hire lawyers, what else can we do?

Troutman, NC |

My friend and I were the only underage people that did not run when the cops showed up, they had originally came for a noise violation, then called back up when they saw people running. Keep in mind we were out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by woods and corn fields. My friend and I originally ran in fear then went up and spoke to the officers and apologized for running. The officer we were dealing with was very rude and out of line. He gave us both tickets and the next day, another officer that had been there called us, said he was sorry for how his fellow officer treated us, he appreciated that we were so cooperative and he was going to testify for us in court to get the charges dropped.

Attorney Answers 4

  1. Of course you need an attorney. Speak with your parents about this issue and have them help you find an attorney competent in juvenile law.

  2. I agree with the previous answer and NEVER rely on an officer saying he will testify in Court for you to get the charges dropped. I've heard that a million times and its usually a lie. Probably designed to get you to make further admissions they can use against you.

  3. You should definitely talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer. These are serious misdemeanors that could affect you down the line, if you are convicted. Depending on the county, a lawyer might even be able to get you a deal that would involve a dismissal of the charges, possibly without you even appearing in court.

  4. You should certainly hire an attorney in Iredell County to help you with this situation. You want to avoid a conviction if possible because this could negatively effect your ability to get into school or get a job. I would be happy to refer an attorney in your area if you are interested.