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My Florida License is under suspended by Pennsylvania; can i get a work permit ? What is best case scenario.?

Palm Coast, FL |

I have a current FL License which at the moment it is under suspension due to PA posting to the National Driver Registry...(Origiinally prior to the PA DMV action I failed to pay a Traffic fine in Florida and my FL. license was suspended..that matter is clear up) Pa has sited me 4 time for violating Section 1543A Driving While Suspended / Revoked (while my Florida License was under suspension PA DMV acted on my failure to pay = Suspension request to FL) All financial responsibility requirement on the PA citations have been satisfied..The Suspension Term for PA ends 5/12/16.

I have a follow up question..yesterday I was on the phone with FL DMV, the CSR explained to me that PA dmv has a waiver on my Class A license..he recomended that I down grade my license in Florida to a class E. My question is this..Is this truely possible..additionally how should i deal with the fact that i am nolong a resident of florida..all matters in PA are resloved they have reported to the NDR that my priv. to drive will be suspended til 5/12/2016 all fines and cost have been resolved PA and FL alike...thank you for your time

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  1. Speak to a PA DUI lawyer on how to release the hold on your license then speak to a FL attorney on if your eligible for a FL restricted license.

  2. You may want to call the PA drivers license bureau to see what it will require for them to release your license. It may be as simple as a compliance. Depending on what you find out you may want to speak with a PA attorney, but I would get the information first so that you know what you are asking for help with in your case. Hope that's helpful.

  3. I've dealt with this fact scenario before. You need to clear up your PA license issue before you can undue the suspension in Florida. Contact a PA attorney or post your question on the PA forum.

    Please be advise that by answering a general question on this public forum DOES NOT establish an attorney-client relationship with the asker. Any answer given is a generalized answer based on the facts presented in the question and therefore any answer given is not legal advice. Only an attorney with all the facts and circumstances with whom you have consulted with in person can give you proper advice.

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