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My first name is spelled wrong on divorce papers

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My husband did a poormans divorce he had it notorized and had a process server deliver them, problem is my first name is spelled wrong, how legal is paperwork, also I recieved no other papers to sign, shouldn't I have something to sign stating that I agree

ok I recieved a summons for divorce that my husband did the paper work himself, notorized and served, my first name is spelled wrong and no other paperwork for me to sign. this is a uncontested divorce. no children and no property or money involved, he is asking for nothing and he has nothing for me to ask for.

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If you were properly served and did not respond by filing a notice of appearance or answer more than likely your husband can make an application for a default divorce (that's where the court grants the divorce in your absence). As far as your name being misspelled - that can be corrected fairly simply. The bigger issue is that your husband is proceeding with a divorce and you will not be in a position to preserve your rights. Even if you agree with the divorce it would be wise to have an attorney review the paperwork, in particular the judgement of divorce, to ensure that everything is in order. Please consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

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There is no such thing as a "poormans divorce" - either you have been served with a Summons or you have not been. The only way you can tell is to show it to someone who knows the appropriate form - that person is a lawyer.

And no - there is no requirement that you sign anything in advance.

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Howard M Lewis

Howard M Lewis


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I am sorry that you are going through this. More than likely your husband prepared the court papers himself or had someone in court prepare them and then they were served on you, you do not have to sign the divorce papers until you are ready and only if you agree with the provisions. You have a lot of misinformation which is not your fault, but you should meee with either a local attorney and chat with him or her or meet with legal services to help you undertand. The courts are there to listen and protect you. Take care and Hopep that things work out.

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