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Below his inmate information it has a section for any detainers. The detainer information only provides the date, place, & type of detainer but it is all in code. It looks like this:

Detainers: Agency Type
07/13/12 093 ORL MDTN NTFY/P&P

It says to contact the detaining agency to find out further information. I have no idea who the agency is & how to contact them. I already have called the prison, his classification officer does not know, the courthouse wont tell me anything, they have no idea, I have called the county jails, noone seems to know!!!

Additional information

******NOTE********: This has nothing to do with immigration, or divorce or any of those areas. This is a CRIMINAL assault with a weapon matter. There is a detainer placed on the inmate who is in DOC custody, not county. I really need help as with the detainer the inmate cannot succeed to a lowered custody level, which when ones custody level is reduced, they can goto work release, & my inmates "review" with his C.O is coming up. He is a Medium custody & needs to be placed at minimum.

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  1. Joshua Eli Adams

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    Answered . If it's not immigration, it sounds like he has a hold on him for a separate criminal case, but I can't be sure without searching the clerks websites and potentially viewing the court file. If it has to do with a different criminal episode, a criminal defense attorney may be able to help.

  2. Rixon Charles Rafter III

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    Answered . I am not a FL attorney, but based on experience suspect the detainer acronym stands for: ‘ORL MDTN likely means 'Orlando Midtown'; NTFY P&P likely means 'Notify Parole and Probation'.

    See attached link scroll to bottom of the page:

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  3. F. J. Capriotti III

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    Answered . Why are you making all these phone calls?

    You should only make one call to his lawyer.

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  4. Thomas Anthony Sadaka

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    Answered . The legend seems to be an agency number in Orlando and to notify possibly probation upon release. The jail and or DOC should be able to decipher the code or, as one of my colleagues pointed out, we could search the various clerk's databases for his name. Regardless, it should not impact his change in security status, just his release.

  5. Jeffrey Jose Estrella

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    Answered . You need to meet with an immigration attorney if your fiance is a non-citizen as this may be immigration related.

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  6. Alice Antonovsky

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    Answered . If your fiances is Not a US Citizens, you need to retain an experienced immigration attorney right away who will review this matter closely and advise you of the options available.

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