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My father was charged with MAN DEL CS PG 1 >=4G<200G, he doesn't even have a traffic ticket on his record, chances of dismissal?

Austin, TX |

my father entered the US on a visa and stayed, it is imparitive that we try to get this record dismissed so we can have a chance at fighting an immigration case, like i said this is my fathers first offense, he doesn't even have a traffic ticket on his record, what are his chances of dismissal or deferred disposition in your professional opinion? thanks! the county is guadalupe county in texas

we have a lawyer, she is experienced in criminal and immigration law, i just want to get other professional opinions on what my fathers chances are.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. There's too much at stake. Hire a criminal defense lawyer now.

  2. The disposition of the case hinges on the facts of the case (i.e. what evidence the State claims to have, actual weihgt of the drug, etc...). Your father needs to get an attorney involved immediately. An attorney who not only knows criminal law, but understands and knows immigration consequences as well (or can work with someone who does). Too many times individuals accept responsibility without knowing their acceptance just got them deported.

  3. The attorney your dad has presumably knows the circumstances of his case, and. O one here does. The State could have a great, airtight case against him, like he got caught in a sting operation where he was video and audio taped selling an ounce of cocaine to an undercover officer with a spotless record, and was immediately arrested, so theres no auestion about identity, or there could be all kinds of potential weaknesses with the case that we would have no way of knowing about. What his chances of a dismissal are will depend largely on the strength of the case. If he's here illegally, I would tend to say that his chances of receiving deferred adjudication and avoiding deportation are probably not good--for the specifics of that, you need to talk to his attorney. Good luck--I hope things work out.

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