My father passed5/29/12. Greedy uncle drew up a will that combined assets,property, cash home, vech. all to him.He stold all.

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Iam the daughter only heir, and my dad had written down all assets , cash, autos, 4wheelers, the properties, one is where i live at on 8 1/2 ac. pass 10years. We have already went to court on this property and i won to live here forever, and my son, when of age it will be his. The uncle went and drew up a will and combined entire estate , to be his not any other he took control. 2006, when dated dad was so sick due to my only brothers death all of a sudden at 38 he had, to retire due to his devastation, and other, health issues, so he was not in his sound mind and body. The papers I have are the way that my dad wanted his affairs of estate to be all properties of land, home, vehicles, cash guns, all assets. My copy is the correct one!( he had no idea of the/one/broth. had done)On death.

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My name in will was spelled wrong only left $1.00 and all other papers are null and void. remember only client and attorney are allowed in office., another guy witnessed my dads signature and it also states nothing of the land to be hand down to generations for my sons name would be there and uncle did one month after my brother only other sibling had died and dad stayed wacked out of his mind and he was given meds. regularly by my greedy uncle and he was not to be in the will he dictated as he wanted and stated not to probate nor any other papers can surpass however a credible witness signed he heard and did see what my dad told me to write and do and have done when he died I pray that no one will let this mean greedy uncle who will never spend or go through the things he owns why take my sons and my inhertiances,.he just must not get away with this help soon thanks.

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  1. Burnley Nathan Hunt

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    Answered . If your father lacked the necessary mental capcity to execute the will, then it may be invlaidated or if the will was obtained by fraud, duress or undue influence, then it may also be aset aside. These are not easy grounds to prove and I would recommend contacting an attorney immeditaely to assist you and make sure your interests are protected.

  2. Steven J. Fromm

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    Answered . You need to get with an estate litigation attorney in your area to discuss the facts and the evidence that you have to support a case of fraud, duress, overreaching, etc. You cannot do this on your own. Lawyer up immediately.

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