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My father passed on 12/24/11. The executor of the estate (my sister) has yet to move forward on the will. What are my options?

Lumberton, NC |

My sister is the executor of my father's estate. My father left a very clear and detailed will leaving my brothers and sisters and myself various real estate. The taxes have been paid on the real estate and it has been a year. My siblings and I feel that she is dragging things out so she can collect all the proceeds from the farm land. My first question is: What are our options to get our land and my second question is: Are we entitled to view all documents dealing with our father's estate including cost of burial, insurance policy value, farm proceeds, etc.?

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  1. I can't tell from your question whether the will was filed after your father's death, but based on my understanding of your question, you have options. You need an attorney to intervene on your behalf to advise the court what is going on and name a new personal representative to settle the estate. You have a right to see all of the documents and receive an accounting of everything in the estate.

  2. I agree with Attorney David, that you need counsel and that you are entitled, as an interested party, to review the estate's records. That being said, there are assets that pass outside of the estate, such as joint tenancies, POD accounts, etc. You may not be entitled to that information.

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