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My father left some money for me after he passed away in the US or in Canada but i dont know where and how to get it.

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If you have no idea where the money is, you are not going to be terribly successful. If there was a probate you should check the probate file for details, and that should describe what the assets were and how they were distributed. If there was no probate, but there was a will -- who was named as the personal representative? That person may have more information. If your father had a 'family attorney' you could try to call that person to see if there are records.

Short of that, you can search for 'escheated funds' in any state / province where the money MAY have been, but that can be a complicated and drawn out process in multiple jursiditctions. Good luck!


When you say "left some money" that implies there is an instrument of some kind that gives you the right to the assets. There are asset finders which you can find on the internet who will do traces for assets, but it will cost you either up front or as a percentage. You can also check jurisdictions where he lived for escheated funds (went to or is held by the State or Province). It is a laborious process but if you have some inkling there is something out there you should pursue it.

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To get a good answer to your question more facts are needed. How do you know he left some money for you? When did you learn of this? Where did he live? Do you have access to his paperwork?

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Good Luck starts with a strategy and a plan.

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