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My father died in 2005 and my step mother took 200,000 of insurance money and gave me and my sister nothing. He had no will.

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She used the money to buy her a new house and car and many other things. Can I do anything about it?

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What kind of insurance money was this? If it was a policy that named your stepmother as beneficiary then she is likely entitled to the money.

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Attorney Criscione is correct. If your step-mother was named as sole beneficiary on the policy, then she would be entitled to the entire proceeds to do with as she pleases. Benefits of insurance policies are payable only to the named beneficiaries. If there are no named beneficiaries, then it would have passed to your father's estate and the proceeds would have been paid to the intestate heirs.

If your concern is that she was not the sole beneficiary or that she took the money improperly from the estate, then I would advise that you retain an attorney. To offer a complete answer, any attorney is likely going to need much more information.

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I completely agree with Attorney Martinez. If your step-mother was the beneficiary of the insurance policy she was free to spend the money any way she wanted.

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