My father died and i'm the oldest can i get his house or do the companion he lived with for 33 yrs get the house.

Asked over 1 year ago - Montgomery, NY

oldest or companion 33 yrs

Attorney answers (4)

  1. Howard M Lewis


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    Answered . I am sorry for your loss. First alot depends upon a will, if there is no will then then next question is what is the status of the companion and does she have any desire for the home or can she fight for it. check iwth a local attny, it sounds like you are in good shape. take care.

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  2. Jeffrey Bruce Gold


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    Answered . It depends on a number of factors. First is the companion on the deed or has the companion been left a life estate. Then it depends on whether your father left a will. If your father left no will, then you and your siblings can obtain title to the house, and evict the companion if that is your desire. You're going to need to hire an attorney, so you might as well find one now.

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  3. Jayson Lutzky


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    Answered . Depends if there is a will or how the deed is worded. Take the deed to an estate lawyer to review. Also, discuss either probate if a will or intestate succession if there is no will with the attorney.

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  4. Maria C. Tebano

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    Answered . Check the deed to see if the companion was placed on the deed. If they were and they were joint tenancy with right of survivorship, then the companion would get the house. If they were joint tenants, then your father's share would go to his heirs. If they were not on the deed, then the house would pass through his Will to his designated heirs. If there was no Will, then the house would be distributed to the heirs by intestate succession. The fact that you are the oldest means nothing.

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