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My family & I were in a car accident w/ serious injuries. the other driver was found at fault. we need help w/ our claim letters

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The other drivers insurance co. is accepting liability as there was a witness to his wreckless behavior and he's being criminally charged with 'driving to endanger' as well. We met with several attourneys and they all wanted 1/3 of the settlement which I am not comfortable doing as I think the policies will bearly cover the medical bills and what I believe to be reasonable pain and sufferring claims. the accident occurred in the state of MA. the other drivers insurance is in MA as well. Our insurance and state of residence is DC. We are going to try to go after the other drivers policy as well as our underinsured policy and our PIP policy. We are begining to draft up our claim letters against all. We are asking for Medical reimbursment, pain and sufferrring, inconvenience and loss of wages. Is there any other category that we are missing? Is there a time limit for making our claims? Can you offer any guidlines as to how to proceed? thank you for any help.

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You should go to your local law library and look at a treatise (book on personal injury law) to answer this question. There is a specific format for form letters and demands, as well as lists of what evidence you will need to provide. Your claim is subject to MA law, not DC because that is where the damage/injury occurred.

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