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My exhusband has never paid child support. The state will not enforce the order. How can I do it myself?

Deland, FL |

I had twins with my (then) husband that are now 10 years old. I am so sick of getting excuses from the state; "there is a lot of red tape", "we can't put out a warrant for someone that does not respond to us", "our resources are limited". I want action, and if I have to hire a lawyer, I'm ready to. Are there any steps I can take before resorting to hiring an attorney? My children are now disabled and my expenses for them have doubled. I'm desperate to get some help somewhere but the Florida Department of Child Support Enforcement is not helping me!

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Without more information all I can say is that you should seek a consultation with a Family Law attorney in your area to specifically review your case and circumstances with you.

As a general rule, you should be able to seek enforcement of the order against your Ex by administrative enforcement (such as IRS refund intercepts, reporting to the credit bureaus, seeking suspension of your Ex's business/professional & even driver's license/vehicle registrations) or judicial enforcement (a Motion for Contempt seeking to hold him in civil contempt for his non-payment, having him placed in jail, seeking an arrest order if he fails to come to the contempt hearing, etc), so I do not understand from the limited facts in your question as to why DOR is not doing it in your case. There must be some relevant facts that are not included, so if you would like to add additional information to your question, I'm happy to update my answer - otherwise I'll stand in support of my original suggestion to seek a consultation with a Family Law attorney to go through all of it with him/her.

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