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My exhusband has forwarded my email communication concerning our minor daughter to his friend Cathy. What law does this violate?

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I am currently involved in an ongoing family court matter regarding minor child with my exhusband. On Sept. 29, 2012 my exhusband was served an Order of Protection I had been granted against him. The Protection Order states no physical contact, no phone contact- only 1 email per day- 10 sentences-no foul language, schedule changes and school projects/homework only. I have discovered he recently forwarded our communications regarding our minor child to his friend Cathy. He forgot to delete the forwarded communications when he replied to my email. I feel he has been sharing our communications for awhile with Cathy. What law(s) does this violate? Plz provide the actual law numbers or cases I can refer to. Thx,

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  1. Unless there's some kind of protected relationship (e.g. attorney-client relationship), or some contractual obligation to secrecy (e.g. trade secrets), or some such thing, I'm not aware of any law that would be violated by simply showing someone else an email that you sent. In fact email communications are regularly disclosed to third parties and used as evidence in family court matters.

  2. Unless you had previously obtained a court order that affirmatively prohibited disclosure of these emails to a 3rd party, your husband's sharing of them to "Cathy" or anyone else did not violate any laws.

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