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My ex wife has custody of my daughter and son in laws 3 kids. They pay her child support. Does she need to show her income?

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My daughter and son in law have three children. My exwife has taken custody of the kids. Recently she filed for and now recieves child support from both of them. She claimed zero income enenthough she works full time at a hospital. Does she have to claim her income since she has legal custody or do they only have to since they are the parents?

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  1. Technically, your ex-wife has no duty to support the children (unless she adopts them). Therefore, her earnings or income would not necessarily be relevant. The larger question,
    really, is why does your ex-wife have custody of your daughter's kids. Sounds like you may want to re-visit some of these issues.

    Please feel free to contact me, or have your daughter and son-in-law call me.

    Mark S. Guralnick, Esq.

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