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My Ex-wife just started dating a guy that just got out of Prison for Cruelty to Children, how can I find his parole conditions

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We have a 13 year old Handi-cap child that cant tell me if he is miss treated and a 6 year old daughter. I dont like him being around my kids, but my Ex thinks he is innocent, but she had only known him 2 weeks. He was sentenced 20 yrs in Ga. just got out 4 weeks ago. How can I find out his Parole conditions too see if he is even allowed around children

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If you know the county where he was sentenced, a copy of the sentence and all of the restrictions will be on file at the county clerk's office. I am not sure if parole would add any, but you would have to contact the board of pardons and parole to see if they would release that information. I'd check the county first.

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Go to this web site and look him up:

This will tell you the county that sentenced him. then go to that county's superior court clerk and ask to see the file. It's in there.

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Bert W. Cohen

Bert W. Cohen


The relationship between probationer/parolee and supervisor is considered confidential; their records are sealed. The supervisor is not permitted to share file content with anyone outside of a court order or court proceeding. Phone calls to probation officers to find out about a probationer's situation would likely be a waste of time.


Here is a link to all the probation offices in the GA:

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