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My ex stabed me in the face, and then called they police, they came and arrested me with out asking any question,is that legal?.

Mount Vernon, NY |

my self and my ex had an arguement over a check for $133 that she said i never gave her, i was showing her the copy, and i told her that she is greedy for money, and i continue to show her the copy of the check, she told me if i do not out of her face, she will stab me, because she had a knife in her hand, i then said to her (screw you) and turned away, soon as i turned she stabbed me, throw the knife out the door and call the police. they came and arrested me with out asking me any questions. i had a picture that i took of her when she was heading towards me on my phone, i tried to show it to them, one of the officer told that do not mean any thing, and said i am lucky she did not stabbed me in the neck, she was never arrested for the assault, i i did for doing nothing. what are my rights

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Your first and most important right is to an attorney. You should get one immediately, and you should not post statements about the incident on the internet.